Simplify and Storify.

There's a reason human history is told through stories. Stories are memorable. They're emotional. They're human. They're how we relate to the world around us, and how things stick in our brains. With the crushing amount of information we encounter on a daily basis, if your business isn't telling a memorable story? It's not sticking. 

When the average person is reading something new, they instantly know if it’s any good. The trouble is, most are not be able to put their finger on why. And if they know it's bad, they will click away without a second thought and move on to something better.

Clunky word choices and stilted sentences ruin something that had potential. 

The best writing is simple and concise, an accomplishment that is deceptively difficult. To write plainly and compellingly takes practice and ruthless editing. A cranky, aging, English teacher with a red pen is best. If one isn’t readily available, hiring me is a close second.

Taking materials that are meh and turning them into something readers devour is my specialty. I can start with your original work and edit it into a polished final draft, or I can write it from scratch. Either way, the end result is your unique story, told in your voice, but a little bit better. 

I'm an expert at creating clear, easy-to-read and fun writing on any topic and especially love to work with local businesses and outdoor companies. 

Let's talk: Cristinsteding(at)